Which Three dogs?

Yes, the name for our deli, Three Dog, came to fruition because of all the most important family members we have and have had. Our doggo's! The main three; Clinton, Charlie & Rocky are the big men on campus, but the posse runs deep! Every single signature sandwich on our menu is named after a real life pup we have had the pleasure of knowing or currently still getting to know. If you're a fan of dogs and need some time to kill, scroll through and see if the face matches the sandwich! 


"The Rocky"

The wild one. His eyes are his most dangerous weapon and beggin' strips are his weakest link. 

Clinty 2.jpg

"The Clinton"

The old soul. The wise one. Sensei, if you will. His speed is his most dangerous weapon and starbucks puppacinos are his weakest link. 


"The Charlie"

Sleeping is his game and Charlie is his name. His most dangerous weapon is his smile and his weakest link is his ADD.


"The Valentino"

Wouldn't hurt a fly, but has dented a truck. His slobber was his most dangerous weapon and meat bones were his weakest link. 


"The Reis"

Never sees the negative in anything. Her sunny disposition is her most dangerous weapon and bagel sandwiches are her weakest link. 

Hurley 1.jpg

"The Hurley"

The World Traveler. Indiana, New Jersey, Miami, North Carolina, he's seen it all. His "accent" is his most dangerous weapon and swimming pools are his weakness.


Coming Soon-"The Pablo"

Bio coming soon, his PR team hasn't reached out to us yet. He is proving to be quite the diva.